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Ulysses Club Inc - Ipswich Branch


Road Safety

For Motorcyclists

Various information links

Filtering rules

Safety Info for the motorcycle rider

Motorcycling Groups

Toowoomba based

Riders on their Honda Shadows...

Organiser of Imbil and other events

Long list of motorcycle events

Motorcycle Info

Just about every bike there is...

Various articles related to riding.

Various articles related to riding.

Something for the ladies...

Gearing & chains

Parts & parts diagrams for jap bikes

A variety of motorcycle related information.


Check here to see if you're being scammed.

Take your pick, but use at your discretion.

Very informative as well...

An easy and secure way to passwords.

Just to give you an idea what lurks around on the internet

Replacement office suite for Microsoft Office

Will convert over 1000 types of files, free...

Interesting Websites

Interesting & funny. And a bit of language...

They'll get your money if you're not careful.

The history behind left or right...

Funny stuff

The laughter variety

They are out there...

Sometimes funny


For the older ones among us...

Movies and radio shows from the 30s to the 80s