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Ulysses Club Inc - Ipswich Branch

National Committee

President - Jen Woods #21395

Vice President - Allan Pratt #9186

Secretary - Henry Rokx #28636

Treasurer - John Osborne #41785

Committee - David Wright #51871

Committee - Sharryn Nankervis #36204

Committee - Blue Knowles #33140

Received from NatCom for your info.

We've talked before about how to attract new members and we know it's not always easy, so here are some suggestions for you to consider in your Branch Committee meetings:

  • Be sensitive to a new members needs and availability. Potential members (39 or 40) often have young children which is a change from a 39 or 40 year old of 30 years ago (back in the old days we remember so well…).
  • Have a wine and cheese night and ask each member invite 2 people and give a small informal talk about what your Branch does that may entice a new member.
  • Have lunches / rides outside of normal meetings / rides and invite friends and co-workers.
  • Invite women in pairs to events - they may feel less pressure than when by themselves.
  • Be conscious of people you meet in your everyday activities – they may be potential members.
  • Do ice-breaker activities, and hold social events for new members
  • Actively Welcome people at meetings. We often hear that a new member went to a Branch meeting but didn't feel welcome – how sad! Give the Branch Extrovert a job to do. We all have a Branch Extrovert who loves talking about the latest ride, where's the best coffee stop etc; harness that energy towards new members.
  • Belonging to the club would be far more attractive for a new or potential new member if the fun factor, cohesiveness and respectfulness are portrayed.
  • "Old member” - ask an old member to give a five-minute personal talk about his club experiences —so a new person can learn what seasoned members are all about!
  • Feature a Bio and picture of the new member in your Branch newsletter or on your Branch website

We are often our own worst enemies and aren't inclusive towards new members – think about what it was like when you first walked into the meeting.

We've talked about it before…

We will have the Members Guidebook finished soon (yes, it's been a time consuming update) and all Branches will be sent a copy.

The Heavy Stuff

It is timely to remind Branches that we are one club and the Branches are a mechanism for members to come together, and not a mechanism for a power struggle. Branch Committees are elected to serve the members, and to enhance their time spent with a Branch so that a members experience as part of the Ulysses Club is an enjoyable and positive one.

Happy members are the best advertising we can have.

Sadly the National Committee hears comments from our members about Branch stacking to manipulate the result of a Branch committee at an AGM, or members simply not being open to new ideas because "it's the way we've always done it”. We need to be mindful that although committees may have a different approach, they should operate in accordance with the Club Constitution and within the parameters of the Members Guidebook. At the same time, if you are unsure about how things work, please contact us – the best way is via National Secretary Mark, [email protected]

The National Committee

Helena, Jen, Mark, John, Henry, Allan and Peter

A guide from NATCOM to follow in relation to Social Media use.